How many food miles do fish travel?

Fish miles?

Fish miles?









How many miles do fish travel from catch to plate … supermarket vs indie monger

Not sure one can give an honest answer here! But what we do know is that many supermarkets have tried (and failed) to buy locally. They may have a skim of local stuff in order to be able to say they source locally, but the supply will be too infrequent and too variable in terms of size and for them too difficult to manage (too many decisions needed…).

The local fishmonger can take smaller lots, enjoy local prices and grab the chance to get one over it’s biggest rival. A good local monger will have good relationships with local boats and take as much as he can sell. Caught locally and sold same day – fantastic.

Bottom line, the supermarkets will certainly have got more miles on their fish than the conscientious fishmonger.