Farmed warm water Black Tiger Prawns …but not just any tiger prawns please.

The majority of the large prawns we eat are farmed in warm water. (Revision for most I know, but remember, more than half of global seafood consumed is farmed and half of this half are warm water prawns – think massive numbers!!). Now read on…

The Far East/Asia accounts for the large majority of this production. Our love for the warm water tiger prawn comes at a price, certainly in the host countries and possibly to ourselves. Think decimated coastal mangrove forests and swamps, unregulated use of antibiotics and growth enhancers, tragic labour exploitation – the further one reads, the worse it gets.

But we can continue to eat the little critters so long as they come with a stamp of certification.
In my case the GAA…Global Aquaculture Alliance  that  assures best practice. …as pictured abvove.

So, look out for the logo, ask questions about provenance, be inquisitive.

Prawns come frozen, whole head on shell on 1kg, or shelled 1kg.