Fish and Smith

How long should fresh fish last?

Depends where you buy it from…buying it from indie monger vs supermarket.

Fish and Smith

Support your local fishmonger

Supermarkets – think long, think complex, think bureaucratic, think many many days, even weeks! On the fish counter seldom is there a vast array of colourful fresh fish, simply because they dare not over stock and over invest – it simply doesn’t make money for them. Age of fish is one thing, it’s handling and treatment is another. Fresh fish handled with care and iced down should last a lot longer than you think. Poor training and poor turnover of stock (and the reluctance to remove old fish) all add to the supermarket’s tragic offering. Their pre-packed (or MAP….modified atmosphere packed or gas flushed for a few extra days shelf-life) fish is a better option – at least it has a best by sticker on it! Either way, both options, eat immediately I suggest.

The independent fishmonger however, will have greater knowledge, greater variety, greater interest in you and will be turning their stock everyday or two and handling with care, having received their fish quicker, probably. There are a good number of days on this fish.