Good Fish For My Friends & Neighbours

I source good fish (and now locally reared meat too) and provide it to friends and neighbours at wholesale prices – the catch is that you have to order by email before noon Friday and collect it on Saturday (from my ‘fish shed’ at The Bell in Ticehurst).  You pay me on collection.

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Good fish?  What I offer, you are unlikely to find readily in the shops… you certainly won’t get much advice from them. There is very little I cannot source.  Some is caught locally, it’ll be in season and taste fabulous.  It’s what Michelin starred chefs are sourcing.  And I’m supporting the ancient Hastings fishery wherever I can.  I’m also tempting you to experiment with lesser known varieties… and showing you how to prepare it.

I can talk to you about portion size and what’s value for money and of course how to cook it.  I am an enthusiastic cook after all!  Do feel free to call or email me for advice before you order.



P.S. A bit about me: I love good, healthy food, hate waste, love fish and despair over what’s happening out at sea.  I’m a fish fanatic. I’m a cook. I’m a restaurateur. I love community. I try and paint a little. And I’ve been a fish agent for many years satisfying London’s top Michelin chefs with fillets that meet their exacting standards, for quality, seasonality and sustainability. I enjoy sharing my passion with my friends, neighbours and  ‘afishionados’ in the High Weald through my Fish & Smith email list.